Replacement and refund policy

In case that you are not satisfied with what you requested, we are here to assist you in exchange or return

important information :

  1. You can exchange or retrieve any product from Eve within a week from the date of the order’s arrival
  2. It is important to us in the exchange or return that the product is intact in its original cover with all its accessories and instructions for it, so please make sure of its safety and packaging
  3. It is required that the invoice be attached to the product upon exchange or return


You can exchange any product you ordered with another product from Eve within a week of the date on which your order arrives, bearing in mind that you will be charged on the cost of shipping fees.


You can return any product you are not satisfied with within a week from the date of your order’s arrival and receive a refund as a voucher after deducting the return fee.

Exchange and Return Fees:

Replacement and return fees from home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Return fee: 40 SAR
Replacement fees: 80 riyals


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