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  • Hair Clipper From Babyliss, Rechargeable With Saso Design For Men – BABE750SDE

    85 SAR
    The Babyliss Rechargeable hair clipper with saso design is smart, stylish hair clipper offers 45 minutes of Power and Pro Power cutting technology for a faster, sharper, more convenient hair clipping experience. Two adjustable combs (3-36mm) allow you to sculpt and trim to your individual style... This rechargeable device have charging stand and cleaning brush. This hair clipper have sharpening moving blades. This stainless steel blade have 25% faster. This rechargeable hair clipper blade is self-lubricating blades, removable and easy washable. It is suitable for long hair and 2 hair comb with all hair cutting styles. This cordless have clipper is 8 hours charge and cleaning brush attached. This cordless hair clipper is accessories is comb, cleaning brush and it is user friendly product. KEY FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS:39 mm blades Moving blades: 3d electrochemical sharpening Innovative blade technology in w: 25% faster Fixed blade: stainless steel Self-lubricating blades, removable and washable 2 hair comb guides: 3 – 18 mm and 2 – 36 mm 32 cutting lengths for all hair cutting styles 1 beard comb guide: 0,5 to 4,5 mm Grooved wheel control: integrated lock for secured cutting height Cordless use: 45 min autonomy / 8 hours charge Accessories: comb, cleaning brush
  • Hair clippers from MRY – MR-1988

    99 SAR
  • Hair clippers from MRY – MR-1988A

    99 SAR
  • Hair clippers from MRY – MR-1988B

    119 SAR
  • Electronic Beard Trimmer From Babyliss set BABP0620E – E870XSDE + POUCH

    135 SAR
  • Handy Man Trimmer & Amp From Babyliss, Shaver, Waterproof – E890SDE

    230 SAR
  • Sector Beard Trimmer From BaByliss – BABE827SDE

    149 SAR
  • Babyliss Cord Cordless Clipper And Nose Trimmer For Men – BABE900PSDE

    82 SAR
    High Performing Blades : Stainless steel blades 8 hair comb guides: From 3 to 25 mm Nose/Ears trimmer Turbo function +20% of cutting power Taper control level : 5 positions Cord or cordless use : 35 minutes autonomy Accessories : Comb, cleaning brush, oil
  • Babyliss E709SDE Rechargeable Hair and Beard Clipper

    143 SAR
  • Babyliss For Men Beard Designer, Precision Trimmer – SH500SDE

    399 SAR
  • Electric Beard Trimmer & Shaver From BaByliss, [BAB-E877SDE]

    199 SAR
    Pivoting head (25 °) to perfectly fit the contours and curves of the face High precision and comfort removable cutting guide protection for - easy maintenance Precise adjustment motorized ultra cutting height (9 heights of 0.4 to 2 mm in 0.2 mm and 6 heights from 2.5 to 5 mm by 0.5 mm) LCD screen that displays the selected length and charge level Double head shaving sharp, crisp contours Mobile Knife innovative geometry for a total catch hairs CMS (stainless-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel) for durability and strength Fixed Knife: Stainless Steel All new ergonomic design that allows a controlled and comfortable grip of the camera Fast charging system: a charge of 90 minutes = 45 minutes of use / fast charging 5 minutes = one shave 3 minutes Memory function Accessories: charging cradle and storage, oil, cleaning brush
  • Hair Clipper for Men From Philips – QC5115/13

    119 SAR
    Hair Clipper • Stainless steel blades • 11 length settings • Corded use
  • Hair Clipper Series 3000 by Philips , HC3520/13

    125 SAR
    Hair Clipper • Stainless steel blades • 13 length settings • 75mins cordless use/8h charge
  • Hair Clipper Series 3000 by philips, HC3530-13

    231 SAR
    Hair Clipper • Stainless steel blades • 13 length settings • 75mins cordless use/8h charge • Incl. beard comb
  • Philips Beardtrimmer Series 5000 Stubble Trimmer, BT5205/23

    350 SAR
    Beard Trimmer • 0.2mm precision settings • Full metal blades • 70 min cordless use/1h charge • Integrated hair lift comb
  • Philips BT3208-13 Hair Trimmer

    79 SAR
    Bear Trimmer • 1mm precision settings • Stainless steel blades • 45 min cordless use/10h charge • Lift & Trim system
  • Philips BT3216-13 Hair Trimmer

    161 SAR
    Beard Trimmer • 0.5mm precision settings • Stainless steel blades • 60 min cordless use/1h charge • Lift & Trim system
  • Philips HC3100/13 Series 3000 Head And Face Hair Clipper With Stainless Steel Blades

    128 SAR
    Hair Clipper • Copper motor coil • Durable, steel blades • 2.4m cord • 4 click-on combs
  • Philips MG3710/13 Series 3000 6-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit For Beard With Nose Trimmer Attachment

    179 SAR
    Multi-Grooming 6-1 • 6 tools • Self-sharpening steel blades • Up to 60-min run time • Rinseable attachments
  • Hair clippers from MRY – MR-DO7A

    99 SAR
  • Babyliss E870XE Beard Trimmer

    125 SAR
    The new i-Control of BaByliss For Men has a rotating head and flexible allowing you to reach the desired result in a snap With extreme precision and comfort The shaving system of the i-control consists of a combination of a razor and a shaving head The mobile razor perfectly follows the shape of each man's face and the razor can remove unwanted hair and style your beard or mustache
  • 3000 Showerproof Body Groomer with Skin Comfort System with 3 combs From Philips Series – BG3015/13

    217 SAR
    Body groomer • Skin-friendly shaver • 3 click-on combs, 3,5,7 mm • 50 mins' cordless use/1 hr charge
  • 5000 Showerproof Body Groomer with Skin Comfort System From Philips Series with 3 combs and back attachment – BG5020/13

    286 SAR
    Body Groomer • Skin friendly shaver • 3 combs, 3-7mm • 60mins cordless use/1h charge • Back attachment
  • AquaTouch Men’s Shaver Dry & Wet with foam From Philips, AT610

    210 SAR
    Aqua Touch Electric Shaver • CloseCut shaving head • Wet&Dry